05/08/2019 : 31/10/2019
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About PBET

The Pbet project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming while accommodating the generation of synergies between these two channels, thanks to our Unified Gaming Platform' s capability to embed crypto-currency payments.

Our disruptive business model consists of partnering with physical casinos to offer online gaming to highly-valued players for a fraction of the online players’ normal cost of acquisition. Given that casinos know their players well, our offer will further result in a seamless personalized integrated immersive gaming experience across the channels.

Through our special way of combining three pillars; Players, Pbet, and Physical casinos we create tailored added-value for each of them taking advantage of synergies generated from this entourage effect.

For instance, players and casinos benefit from zero transactional fees, instant payments and the benefit of remaining in the same ecosystem among others.

The Omni-channel Pbet Reward Club enables partnerships in the hospitality sector, increasing free offerings to players while allowing cross-selling opportunities for casinos and partners.


avatar Frederick Vachon
President and Founder

avatar Bassel Moukaddem
Chief Executive Officer

avatar Marcel Huard
Chief Innovation Officer

avatar Patrick Aubé
CMO and CTO Blockchain

avatar Manuel Presa
Chief Technology Officer

avatar Marina Anisina
Chief Financial Officer

avatar Raul Duque
Head of International Finance

avatar Rita Jimenez

avatar Pablo Silva
Operational Director

avatar Pablo Rodriguez
Interactive Architect

avatar Gonzalo Mas
Senior developer - Front-end

avatar Aly Santos
Sales- Caribbean

avatar Raul Solis
Sales - Peru area

avatar Miguel Cortez
Team Leader- Customer service


avatar Vincent Deblois
Crypto Investments Advisor

avatar Linda Bouchard
Legal & Compliance Advisor

avatar Hamza Khan
Senior Advisor

avatar Sydney Ifergan
Senior Advisor- Marketing &PR

avatar Gerald Duhamel
Advisor-Business & Development