08/08/2019 : 09/09/2019
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About Dreamr

At dreamr, we believe dreams are the quintessential representation of the limitless nature of the human spirit. Everyone has the inherent ability to visualize and actualize an improved reality. We live in an era of unprecedented social connectivity with an ever evolving landscape of technological advancements. Yet we still live in a world where so few people follow their dreams. Why?

Four years ago, we made it our mission to answer this question and solve this problem. Today, we are building a paradigm shifting platform for the purpose of giving anyone and everyone the resources necessary to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We will accomplish this by leveraging the power of global online connection, mobile technology, and digital financial tools to provide users with a supportive network of genuine connections and a sustainable, equitable economy to support their individual and shared dreams.


avatar Christopher Adams
Co-Founder & CEO

avatar Ashish Bagrecha
Co-founder, CTO & CMO

avatar Adam Amar
Co-Founder, VP Original Content

avatar Angie Kelly
VP Operations & Culture

avatar James Wilson
VP Information Security


avatar Dennis Klein
Real Estate Developer

avatar Greg Thomas
MD at 375 Park Associates

avatar Cylus Watson
MD at Pink Sky Capital

avatar Andrew Hogue
VP Partnerships at Pink Sky Group

avatar Warren Whitlock
Content Director at Coin Agenda

avatar Andrey Sergeenkov
PR Specialist

avatar Casey Sparks
Tokenomics Analyst

avatar Joseph Bar Katz
Legal Counsel

avatar Zahid Ali
Strategic Growth & Partnerships