Solidity Engineer Needed Autark



Autark is looking for Solidity Engineer who is a web3 expert to work with us on developing Aragon apps, the Aragon client, and aragonOS. Our ideal candidate should be passionate about decentralized autonomous organizations, with a healthy history of contributions to open source projects.

Key Responsibilities

The Solidity Engineer's primary responsibility will be developing, testing, and maintaining high quality smart contracts for our projects, working closely with the product team to vet the technical feasibility and define new features. Additionally, we expect you to be able to contribute to technical specifications, perform internal code audits and reviews.


- At least two years of experience in Solidity development, with a proven track record of shipping code running on Ethereum's mainnet

- Expert understanding of Ethereum, including deep knowledge of the EVM and its limitations

- Strong unit testing abilities and skills

- Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and great time management skills

Nice to haves

- Previous experience working remotely

- Good written communication skills

How to apply

Send an email to that includes your resume/CV (or LinkedIn) and a link to your GitHub profile.

Make sure to answer the following:

Why are you interested in working at Autark?

Are you familiar with Aragon?

What do you find compelling about Aragon?

What challenge are you interested in solving in relation to user experience and onboarding users into the blockchain ecosystem?

If your application is a fit, we will schedule an interview.

Location: Remote

Duration: Full Time

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