xCrypt (PreICO)

01/01/2019 : 24/05/2019
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About xCryptNew discoveries have always scared mankind: the fear of flying, the fear of looking at the future, the fear of technology. Recent statistics show that the use of Blockchain technology concerns very few people amongst the world’s population, there is a general feeling of mistrust towards it. Contrary to this tendency, xCrypt created its project based on its distinctive characteristic.Xenomania, from the greek an extreme passion for foreign entities, the new ones, which are yet to reach most of the people. xCrypt is the first innovative crypto ecosystem with its heart in ist exchange: hybrid, compliant with the securities and attentive to the erc721’s future, designed to be simple, comfortable and innovative. We believe that, in the near future, many changes in the cryptocurrencies field will occur, as well as in the trading field and in how this world is conceived. This is the reason why, after carefully developing its concept, since its host country allows it, xCrypt decided that its priorities are those of listing security tokens, having an appropriate and strategic marketplace for the erc721 and carrying out innovative dynamics in the relationships with the ICO. These decisions were taken so that xCrypt can reward its community with a zero fee exchange, relating it to the other members through the social media platform and monthly compensating its holders via airdrop through a ranking system. XCT token is the one that allows benefiting from the xCrypt ecosystem’s services and it rewards its exchange users and holders following an innovative method through important airdrops.Blockchain technology has changed the world of investment forever, and for the better: ICOs have proven to be secure and successful means of financing companies and projects. By purchasing a membership to the xCrypt platform, members will benefit from exclusive services; the membership is split into multiple tiers, depending on the amount of XCT (XCT’s ERC-20 access token) purchased.


avatar Loren Minel Andronie
Founder & CEO

avatar Ionut Gabriel Parfene
Co-Founder & CTO

avatar Mauro Andriotto
CO-Founder & CFO

avatar Alecos Colombo
Project Manager

avatar Cristian Barbu
COO & Senior Developer

avatar Andrei Stefan
Research and Development Officer

avatar Velicu George
Co-Founder & CIO


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