Biggest University in Western Australia Launches Cryptocurrency PhD Program

Meeting O. Progress || JULY 27, 2019

The biggest university in Western Australia with over 50,000 students, Curtin University, has  announced the launch of cryptocurrency PhD program on July 24, 2019.

Per the announcement, the higher education program will be entirely funded using bitcoin and ethereum, which school officials say will help popularize cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Designed by Curtin data scientists, the Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will allow companies and individuals to help PhD students studying  blockchain, cybersecurity and data analytics through cryptocurrency funding.

The Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Excellence of the university, Professor Garry Allison noted that the fund is a good opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to encourage a new set of PhD graduates who will help develop this new technology.

“By establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund, Curtin will provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs who have realised significant benefits from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to give something back to these communities,” said Professor Allison.

Additionally, the Commercialisation Director Rohan McDougall said the fund would build on Curtin’s existing strong capabilities in the fieldof data science, developed by involving in major projects which includes; Square Kilometre Array, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and collaborations with Cisco, Woodside and Optus.

“Cryptocurrencies remain volatile but interest in the application of blockchain technology continues to grow,” Mr McDougall said.

“Further work is required to identify and develop those applications that are best suited to the attributes of blockchain and Curtin University is responding to this by establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Fund.” He added.

The new fund means that wealthy crypto investors can help fascinate the adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technology by helping fund the education of interested students. Further, the most generous donors canchoose the field of specialty they are willing to sponsor.

Other educational institutions have started catching up with the trend. Recently, Dublin City University and University of British Columbia launched blockchain technology programs. While Dublin City University partnered with tech company network Ireland ICT Skillnet to offer master’s degree, University of British Columbia announced a graduate training in blockchain tech.

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